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How do you define her?

Words that we use to describe women vs. words that we describe men

One of the most challenging things when acknowledging any inequities is to balance the current situation with where we should be. In an ideal world, we would treat everyone with respect regardless of their gender, race, or physical characteristics –

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Cutting Remarks: How a woman’s hair length affects her brand

Short hair vs. long hair

It is no secret that women are more objectified in our society compared to men. We are consistently judged on all components of our physical appearance, and nearly all of us have experienced some form of discrimination at some point

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Dress Code Example

One of the most difficult organizational documents to finalize is a dress code. This is especially true in higher ed. We are in a culture that encourages diversity and self expression – but it also important to reiterate that our

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Customer Service Basics

Excellent customer service should be the number one priority of any business. Studies show that over 65% of people leave due to bad customer service, and that 80% will tell others if they have a bad customer experience (where only

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