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Twitter 101: A beginners guide to Twitter

How to use Twitter

Communicators understand the tremendous impact of social media, but often times don’t leverage every platform to it’s fullest. Twitter is one of the most difficult tools to convince “old-school” marketers to embrace, but it’s impact is undeniable. Twitter Stats 231+

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Why Are We Not Talking About Wellness?

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Our field is in trouble. In order for our field to continue to recruit and retain the healthiest, happiest, best role models for our students and staff we must make wellness a top priority. Student Affairs…

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SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization

Communicators everywhere are on a constant quest to find ways of putting their content in front of potential customers. One of the best ways is through search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the

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Zombies with Baguettes: dealing with Celiac Disease at work

After nearly a year of my health getting progressively worse, I went to the doctor. A month of invasive tests with my Gastroenterologist ended with a call during work to give me a diagnosis: Sprue, aka Coeliac Disease, aka Celiac Disease. I had never heard of Celiac disease and was really scared and confused about what this all meant.

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Content Strategy is the same as dating

Communication Funnel

The goal of every marketing, sales, and communication pro everywhere is to find a way to get our customers to do what we want them to do. We develop elaborate strategies and define calculated tactics to lead customers to the

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