Women with short hair are ugly

Beautiful WomenI have received quite a bit of interesting feedback on my October post, Cutting Remarks: How a woman’s hair length affects her brand. Some from females upset or offended with my decision to cut my hair, some supporting my new look… but the most interesting was a post I received Monday from Matt. Matt is one of many individuals that I’ve encountered that share his beliefs – and I would like to take the opportunity to respond to some of his statements.

“I am constantly amazed that women who work in marketing do NOT know how to sell things to men.”

Having short or long hair does not make me (or any other woman) any less capable in the workplace. As a matter of fact, I’vs experienced more political success in the workplace after cutting my hair – including with the males in my office. 

“If I was a business owner and I knew that longer hair on females was more attractive to men, then I would expect anyone I hired to do marketing to exploit this fact. Most men do NOT prefer a woman who has short hair and looks like one of the boys. If you work for or with men you WILL notice a preference for women who have longer hair. They will get more “attention” than those with short hair.”

I think you may be confusing working in a business setting from working in the adult industry. Perhaps if I was looking to have sex with my coworkers I would take your advice. Despite what you may think, most women go to work for the paycheck – NOT for attention from men.

“… men view women with short hair as being on a power trip or having a bias against what men typically prefer in an attractive woman… Women who deny their femininity by dressing like males send the signal that they are insecure as a women. 


Let’s first address the power trip issue. Clearly a woman much smarter than you made you cry. I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt, but that doesn’t mean that every woman with short hair deliberately cut her hair to establish dominance. Honestly, I felt more power over men (in the way you’ve defined it before) when I had my long hair. They weren’t always listening to what I had to say – but I typically had control in the situation.

Next, a woman does not need to wear pink dresses and have long hair to be feminine. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most idealized examples of femininity in our culture – and she looked stunning with her short hair. Twenty other beautiful, confident, and feminine women are listed to the right of this post for additional consideration to this sexist and backwards standpoint. I personally feel the most sexy and confident wearing only a little make-up and a sleek pantsuit.

Additionally, according to your beliefs, any man wearing pastel colors or having long hair must not be masculine. This means that Thor, Conan the Barbarian, Troy Polamalu, Ted NugentClay Matthews III,  and Gene Simmons are super feminine. Especially Gene Simmons – that guy wears heels and makeup like a giant chick.

“It is much easier to work around someone that is attractive than it is to work around someone who could fit right in with the alternative lifestyle crowd.”

Why would the ability to get work completed be impacted by the physical appearance of those around you.  Only 20% of your IT coworkers would be female according to a 2013 National Public Radio report, so perhaps you should be more concerned with what your male associates are wearing than the occasional female that you’re lucky enough to encounter in your workplace.

Now, I’m going to assume that you’re using “alternative lifestyle crowd” to mean homosexual. First, let’s make it clear that a person’s hair length has NOTHING to do with their sexual orientation. My lesbian friends didn’t chop off all of their hair when they came out of the closet – and now that I’m thinking about it, nearly all of them have long flowing hair. Some even like skirts and the color pink – those crazy crazy women. Secondly, I would like to suggest that you reflect on your own sexuality to see where these aggressive and angry beliefs against the “alternative lifestyle crowd” may be coming from. Psychological studies find that most individuals exhibiting this type of behavior are more likely to be  attracted to members of the same sex. Just something to think about…

Thank you again, Matt, for your comments. I am now going to eat the dinner my boyfriend prepared. The hot former Marine Sergeant boyfriend that fought for your freedom to have your own opinions (“even if they’re stupid” – his words, not mine).

15 thoughts on “Women with short hair are ugly

  1. drheatherwebb says:

    Thank you for this post– well said! Less than a week ago I cut off all my hair after wearing it long for more than 11 years, and it has been an interesting experience so far.

  2. Miranda Perry says:

    I really appreciate this post. I commented on your previous one, and continue to see reactions like Matt’s still being raised in my life – especially now that I’m growing my hair out. Suddenly everyone who didn’t have an opinion feels safe about raising their apparently suppressed thoughts about my short hair. “You look prettier now!” “your hair looks so much better!”
    Oddly enough, Matt fails to recognize the fact that some women may in fact be uncomfortable ‘exploiting their femininity’ as he calls it. I’ve found people responding to me differently when I’m all dressed up, hair done, make up on – and I am uneasy knowing that they are listening to me more because I’m suddenly more ascetically pleasing. I had the same ideas before I did my hair, thank you, it’s a pity you didn’t listen.

  3. Frank Seattle says:

    What puzzles me why women are constantly trying to justify cutting their hair. If you want and like it short cut it. However, there are many men that prefer long hair on women. Why is that offensive? Perhaps you like men with beards or in suits or whatever. I don’t take that as an indictment of what I might prefer. If I believe that long hair is more complementary on women that a short that should not bother anyone.

  4. Kendra says:

    To be honest I get more positive attention now that my locks are chopped. When it was long I was constantly in a battle with how unimaginably thick and was often teased for that. When I chopped my hair I got a lot more attention and i feel twice as confident.

    1. Nobody says:

      Men with a receding hairline are handsome, too! Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you get it. Women look good with long hair. They also become unappealing with short, or without. Some can still be appealing with short hair. But, these women are a low percentage (like tall men over 6 foot). Also, they look even better when their hair is long.

      Short hair on a woman says to me that she’s likely a lesbian, trans, or business. All of which mean walk away.

      I’m a man under 6 foot, with a receding hairline, who doesn’t make a lot of money. Guess what? Women don’t find me attractive. And, I have a 100% rejection rate. At this point, I don’t even bother. It is, what it is. Life is unfair. But, you can’t blame anyone for what they like or don’t.

  5. Olga says:

    well geez. i looked at this for 10 seconds and see Ellen and some butch black woman….and assume its a joke. they are not beautiful women …hardly women at all.

  6. PCnonsnse says:

    No, short hair is ugly. Face reality.

    Plus almost all of the girls you listed also look awful with short hair, especially the politically correct minorities.

    Face reality!

  7. Max says:

    I love women, short or long hair, but yeah a lot of guys are super insecure and kind of stuck in preteens with a lot of their points of view.

  8. nameq213214135 says:

    10 reasons people don’t like short hair:
    1. Because long hair is a sign of fertility
    2. Because people assume you are a rebellious cunt. You look like one of those “Im not like other girls” people that are really annoying and always talk about how they only have guy friends because “girls are too much drama”.
    3. because It is a very boring look.
    4. It is like a man getting a porn stasch. Only a few people will think it looks good.
    5. You look more masculine, nobody wants to have the same haircut as their Girlfriend
    6. Because long hair enhances all the good parts about your appearance, short hair doesn’t.
    7. If you previously had long hair and cut it short you look lazy, people think the reason you cut it is because you are to lazy to take care of long hair.
    8. People might think you are a lesbian (alot of lesbians cut their hair short)
    9. Because it just does not look good on women
    10. Because you look like you have given up on your appearance.

  9. anonymous says:

    “To be honest I get more positive attention now that my locks are chopped. When it was long I was constantly in a battle with how unimaginably thick and was often teased for that. When I chopped my hair I got a lot more attention and i feel twice as confident.’
    People are saying that to make you feel better about making such a terrible mistake.

  10. Alexandra says:

    Great article! The sad little men leaving negative (and barely coherent, low-effort) comments clearly can’t help but insist that everything revolves around them. We wouldn’t be perturbed by men’s opinions, except that you all INSIST on sharing your opinions, thoughts, and desires as they pertain to our appearance — constantly!! And attempting to derail us for it! Some women prefer to have the privilege and luxury that men have: to take only 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. It’s that simple. It has zero to do with you so GTFO. Some of us are in high-performance jobs, and can’t take an hour each day to primp.

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