“The Day I Wore Jeans to Work” by Amy Jorgensen

A fun post from 2012


I believe that “you dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Personal branding has been an increasingly popular topic over the past couple of years. We are encouraged to be aware of how we are marketing ourselves through our communication efforts, web presence, and physical appearance – and how these factors can help dictate future success.

The physical appearance factor has been controversial in student affairs as we debate the importance of professionalism and personal branding verses creating a more inviting and less intimidating environment for our student population. Where do I stand? Well, I wear conservative suits and professional dresses to the office. Every day. Believe it or not, I enjoy dressing professionally for work. I am more confident in a tailored suit than in casual clothing and I feel that I’m treated with more respect and taken more seriously by others. I have found…

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One thought on ““The Day I Wore Jeans to Work” by Amy Jorgensen

  1. Jessica Fantini, MS (@J_Fantini) says:

    Although, I’ve surprisingly become more confident in business attire; I’m much more comfortable in business casual and plan casual attire. I feel as I’m a minority in the field of thought that you can be professional while wearing jeans. I usually go for dark wash jeans, a blouse, blazer, and flats. That’s comfortable to me. I think your statement still holds true: “So, wear what makes you comfortable and confident.” It’d be interesting to see an institution have that as their dress code/philosophy.

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