UVA Graduation

graduation post 1

This is an example of how I increased community engagement by featuring time-relevant content.


Current students, predominately graduating 4th year students.

Behavior Desired

Integrate the UVA Career Center in the graduation festivities and increase engagement with career resources.


Content was developed with the audience engagement in mind: casual, authentic, and inspirational. Analytics illustrate that our audience reacts more positively with short messages with images.


Although the same picture was used, content was adapted to align with engagement strategies for each platform. Campaign hashtags were leveraged along with appropriate use of emoji’s.


Post engagement was much higher than other content from the same semester.

  • 285 unique engaged Facebook users (2,850% higher engagement)
  • 138 unique engaged Instagram users(8.5% higher engagement rate)
  • 83% New Website Sessions

graduation post analytics