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Social Media Management

As I’m sure you’ve seen, many social media accounts aren’t managed very well – including university departments. The challenge is that everyone thinks that they know what the customers want – and they produce content that they are interested in, not

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Web Tricks

Spiderman fighting Superman

Some quick tips on how to make your website awesome.

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Writing for the Web

Writing for the web graphic that contains an abbreviated version of the article

The first priority for all web sites is to develop accurate and useful content for site visitors – not for search engines. It is quality content that drives our online reputation and ultimately builds engagement and customer loyalty. Content should be original and unique in order to provide value to our users. The following tips will help ensure consistency throughout the website to enhance the user experience.

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5 Keys to Effective Delegation

5 Keys to Effective Delegation Image

Whether you’re a chair on a new project or a higher-level manager, the foundation to effective delegation remains the same. The concept of delegation comes with a fair amount of scrutiny. It is commonly perceived as militarily ordering commands to subordinates.

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“The Day I Wore Jeans to Work” by Amy Jorgensen

Originally posted on WISA:
I believe that “you dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Personal branding has been an increasingly popular topic over the past couple of years. We are encouraged to be aware of…

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10 Tips for Building an Effective Blog

The digital world is small – especially in higher ed. Robert Wyllie, my younger cousin, found me through the interwebs while researching how to improve his new blog: . Rob is incredibly brilliant, and I was humbled when he reached out for

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Twitter 101: A beginners guide to Twitter

How to use Twitter

Communicators understand the tremendous impact of social media, but often times don’t leverage every platform to it’s fullest. Twitter is one of the most difficult tools to convince “old-school” marketers to embrace, but it’s impact is undeniable. Twitter Stats 231+

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